The CORDLUG Copper Ring Type Terminal is created from the highest grade metal, ensuring long lasting durability and corrosion resistance for this type of terminal. Comprising the finest quality copper, this terminal guarantees both high conductivity and purity. Our terminal is manufactured using high conductivity copper and undergoes precise construction. It is carefully finished with a sufficient thickness of tin plating. The entire production process is closely supervised by a dedicated quality team to maintain rigorous standards and ensure the delivery of exceptional quality.

A particular disintegration process is employed in the manufacturing process of our copper ring type terminal. Throughout this process, we uphold our commitment to delivering best quality, employing a robust quality control process and obtaining periodic third party certification. Utilizing advanced technologies and machinery, we ensure that it meets the highest manufacturing standards. The terminal fabricated at our unit is available in various sizes and can be customized to meet customer requirements, making installation convenient for customers.

Constructed from high grade copper material and coated for corrosion protection, this product is ideal for outdoor applications and marine environments.

Our product undergoes stringent testing at accredited laboratories such as ELCA Laboratories, ensuring its quality and performance. Approved by ISO/IEC standards and examined by our internal technical workforce comprising of skilled professionals, our product meets the necessary industry requirements and specifications.


This product is commonly used in situations where a permanent connection between two cables or devices is not feasible. It finds extensive application for diverse connections in the wiring, automation, control panel, and instrumentation industry.

It is a preferred choice for multiple connections in the electrical vehicle sector and is utilized for various connection purposes in the automobile industry.

The versatile application of the said article provides numerous benefits for aerospace applications, and in the sector of wind energy, it proves to be a reliable solution for various connection needs.

This type of terminal is widely utilized in the Solar Industry as well as the automotive industry due to its versatile capabilities in facilitating multiple connections.

The product provides flexibility in connection methods, enabling the soldering or crimping of wires to one end, while securely fastening the other end to a corresponding termination point using options such as bolts, screws, or spring clips.

By utilizing this type of terminal, electric current can be efficiently supplied and distributed between electrical cables without any complications.

This unique product is designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring safety by preventing fire hazards.The price range of this commodity fabricated by us is competitive within the industry, offering a fair balance between quality and cost. To uphold product standards, technical experts conduct comprehensive quality control inspections for this product. This particular ring type terminal is packed using high quality materials, adhering to strict standards. Additionally, we prioritize the fastest and safest delivery to minimize any potential damage during transportation.