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Copper pin type insulated terminals are a type of electrical terminal designed to provide secure and insulated connections in a variety of electrical applications. These are typically made of high quality copper which offers excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. The insulation material is usually made of PVC or nylon which provides excellent electrical insulation and mechanical protection. These products have a cylindrical shape with a pointed end, allowing for easy insertion into a socket or connector. The pin may have a smooth or textured surface to enhance grip and prevent slippage. The insulation sleeve is made of PVC or nylon, and covers the exposed part of the pin to ensure electrical insulation. These type of insulated terminals are used to create secure and insulated electrical connections. The pin is inserted into a corresponding socket or connector and a secure connection is established through friction or locking mechanisms. The insulation sleeve provides protection against electrical shock and short circuits.

These products are used in various industries and applications including automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, power distribution and electronics. They are commonly found in connectors, terminal blocks, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electrical and electronic devices where a secure and insulated connection is required.

They provide a low resistance pathway for electrical current, reducing power loss and heat generation. The insulation material provides excellent electrical insulation and mechanical protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Moreover, copper is a highly conductive material, allowing for efficient transmission of electrical signals.

When using this product, it is important to consider factors such as the appropriate pin size for the application, proper installation techniques and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. Additionally, regular inspection and maintenance can help ensure the long term reliability of the electrical connections.

This type of terminal offers the flexibility of either soldering or crimping the wire to it. One end of this terminal allows for soldering, welding or crimping of cables, while the other end securely connects to a termination or connection point using a bolt, screw or spring clip. This kind of product facilitates seamless distribution and supply of electric current among electrical cables.

This product undergoes rigorous testing at accredited laboratories such as ELCA Laboratories. It also meets the standards set by ISO/IEC, ensuring its quality and reliability. Additionally, the professional technical team thoroughly examines the manufacturing part of this terminal. This product is particularly useful in situations where establishing a permanent connection between two cables or devices is not feasible.