The CORDLUG Copper Ring Insulated Type Terminal is produced from the best quality metal, ensuring durability and imparting corrosion resistance to your product. Constructed with the finest quality copper, this terminal guarantees both high conductivity and purity.

The manufacturing part of this merchandise undergoes systematic production and finishing including coated plating with sufficient microns. A proficient quality team oversees the entire fabricating process, ensuring the adherence to rigorous standards.

The manufacturing process for this product involves atomization. Throughout this process, we ensure that best quality articles are manufactured by implementing a robust quality control system and obtaining periodic third party certification. We assure that all our products are produced with latest concepts and advanced machinery.

Available in various diameters and mounting hole configurations, this type of insulated terminal comes in different sizes, catering to customer requirements and facilitating easy installation.

Constructed from high grade copper material and galvanized for effective corrosion protection, the insulated terminal is ideal for outdoor applications and marine environments. Testing on our unique type of terminal is carried out by ELCA Laboratories which is accredited for such testing services.

Additionally, the standards set by ISO/IEC are fulfilled.and also this product undergoes examination by our skilled technical team. Designed for situations where establishing a permanent connection between two cables or devices is impractical, this article provides a versatile solution.

This category of terminal serves a crucial role in facilitating multiple connections across various industries. Primarily employed in the wiring, automation and control panel and instrumentation sector, this versatile terminal finds application in electrical vehicles where it is utilized extensively for multiple connection purposes. Correspondingly, it is utilized in the automotive industry. In the aerospace field, this terminal plays a vital role in establishing multiple connections. Furthermore, the windmill industry is also benefited due to the use of this type of terminal . In a parallel manner, this product is employed to ensure effective connections in the solar industry. For this reason,this type of article is produced by us as a reliable choice for multiple connection requirements across wiring, automotive, aerospace, windmill, solar and automotive industries.

This Copper Ring Insulated Type terminal offers flexible connection options like, it can be soldered or crimped at one end, securing cables through soldering, welding or crimping while the other end attaches to a corresponding termination point using a bolt, screw or spring clip.

This terminal facilitates the smooth supply and distribution of electric current between cables without any complications. Ensuring safety, the terminal is designed to withstand emergencies, preventing fire hazards by enduring up to the maximum melting point.