The CORDLUG Copper Ring, Insulated with Metal Reinforcement Terminal is crafted using high conductivity copper. The manufacturing process involves tin plating with a sufficient micron finish. The complete manufacturing process of this type of merchandise, is rigorously checked by our dedicated quality assurance team.

The fabrication of this product is guaranteed by employing the atomization technique. In every stage of the manufacturing process, we uphold a rigorous quality control protocol, complemented by periodic third party certifications, ensuring the delivery of premium quality products. Our terminals are manufactured utilizing advanced technologies and modern machinery.

Offered in a diverse range of diameters and mounting hole configurations, this product is available in sizes customized to meet specific customer requirements. This tailored approach simplifies installation, addressing the individual needs of each customer.

Created from premium copper material and coated with tin for corrosion protection, this type of product is well suited for outdoor applications and marine environments. This design ensures exceptional durability and longevity.

This category of terminal, undergoes rigorous testing at accredited laboratories such as ELCA Laboratories. It attains approval from ISO/IEC standards, complemented by thorough examination by a professional technical team.

Designed for situations where a permanent connection between cables or devices is impractical, this merchandise finds extensive use in wiring, automation, control panels, instrumentation, electrical vehicles, automobiles, aerospace, windmills, solar industries and more.

This product serves multiple connection purposes in various industries. The wire can be soldered or crimped to one end, securely connecting to cables by soldering, welding or crimping, while the other end is fastened to a matching termination point with a bolt, screw or spring clip.

This terminal facilitates the supply and distribution of electric current between cables smoothly. With the ability to withstand high temperatures, this kind of terminal ensures safety by preventing fire hazards.

Featuring insulation around the connection point, this item offers protection against electrical shock, short circuits and other potential hazards.

We maintain a ready stock of this material, ensuring prompt dispatch upon order placement. The product is meticulously packed using high quality materials and our commitment to safety measures guarantees damage free delivery within the shortest possible time frame.

We have a proficient team of electrical technocrats who are experts in their respective fields and follow a strict manufacturing and delivery schedule. For that reason, we have earned a good reputation for our company in the market. We have framed ethical business policies and methods to benefit our valued customers and win over new customers. Further to this, we have designed our product catalogue in an economical manner so that our products prove to be cost effective to all.