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Copper Fork Type Terminal is a type of electrical connector that is widely used for secure and reliable connections in various industries. It is designed with a fork like shape, allowing for easy insertion and connection to a terminal block.

These terminals are typically made of high quality copper material, known for its excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. The fork shape of the terminal provides a secure and stable connection by gripping onto the terminal block. These products are commonly used in applications where multiple wires need to be connected to a single terminal point. Additionally,this merchandise is widely utilized for multiple connection purposes in various industries such as wiring, automation, control panels, instrumentation, electrical vehicles, automobiles, aerospace, windmills, solar industry and automotive applications.

These kind of products are versatile in accommodating different wire sizes. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different wire gauges and connection requirements.

Installation of these terminals is relatively straightforward. The wire is stripped of insulation, and the exposed conductor is inserted into the fork shaped opening of the terminal. The terminal is then securely fastened to the terminal block or stud using screws or bolts.

These articles provide a reliable and efficient solution for electrical connections, ensuring optimal conductivity and minimizing the risk of loose or faulty connections. They are designed to withstand high currents and provide a long lasting connection.

This type of product undergoes rigorous testing at ELCA Laboratories, an accredited facility. It has received approval from ISO/IEC standards and is thoroughly examined by professional technical team. This component is specifically designed for situations where a permanent connection between two cables or devices is not feasible.

This type of object allows for the soldering, welding or crimping of cables to one end, while the other end is securely fastened to a matching termination point using bolts, screws or spring clips. This facilitates the smooth supply and distribution of electric current between electrical cables. This particular product is competitively priced within the industry, offering a fair balance between price and quality. Our technical team conducts thorough quality control inspections to ensure the reliability and performance of our copper fork type terminal.